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5 Interview Tips I Learned the Hard Way


The Freckly Fawn

I had three job experiences prior to graduating college.  Although each interview was different, they all had one thing in common: stressing me out.  I remember asking my mom and dad for advice.  Since many old traditional views have shifted in the workplace today, I can confidently say that in none of these positions did I experience the interview my parents prepared me for.  Studying up on how to answer rigid questions did absolutely no good.  Every interview turned out to be more like small talk.  Considering the positions I had applied for in college (hostess, receptionist and cashier), these laid back interviews didn’t come as a shock.  What comes as a shock to me is how closely these interviews compare to the ones I have for full-time jobs after college.  A case worker, marketing coordinator, English teacher, program director (yes, I have taken my own advice on trying different things)…

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My (not so big) Big Realization


The Freckly Fawn

Sometimes I get caught up in the small things in life.  I’m in this bubble filled with all the things on my to-do list floating around: vacuum the floors, figure out dinner, pay the rent, figure out why the washer isn’t draining, get my tires aligned, get some exercise, finish work; the list goes on.  There are days when I am able to escape my little bubble and remember that I need to relax and slow down.  I fear that these days will end up being unproductive but they always turn out to be the opposite.  Instead of thinking about ten different things at once, I am able to focus on one thing I am driven to get done that day (which ends with me crushing it!).

But there are some days when it takes something really incredible to file away all the little things that clutter my mind.  Today…

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Life after College: It’s More than Just a Job


Great article for those new grads!

The Freckly Fawn

The Seven Things I wish I had Known

I turned 22 a month after graduating from college.  This was the first time in my life that I didn’t care about my birthday.  All I could think about was getting a job.  Job is in bold because it’s a dangerous, hideous, evil word that haunts recent graduates.  Thank you for allowing me to get that off my chest.

This might sound silly since it’s been merely a year since I graduated, but when I look back on it now I realize that I totally lost my marbles.  One day, I filled out 12 of those long, dreadful, multi-part, online applications.  It literally took up the entire day and by the end of it I thought my eyeballs were going to pop out of my sockets onto the keyboard.  I had such a one track mind that I forgot to…

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Never Stop Changing


Very well said!

The Freckly Fawn

We have all read it in our yearbooks, the infamous farewell: “never change!” usually followed by praises and compliments.   But why shouldn’t we change?  Of course were going to change.  We’ve got a potential 60 years ahead of us.  We might as well respond with “Challenge Accepted!!” Change reminds me of college.  College is interesting, but post-college is when things really get interesting.  {Insert name here} is getting married next month at 22 years old, {Insert name here} is pregnant (no you aren’t dreaming), and then there’s {insert name here} who can’t move on from the week day binge drinking, bar fights and one night stands.  Isn’t it scary how easy those inserts were?  Everyone’s going in different directions now.  Someone’s next big goal is someone else’s biggest fear.  Some of us are thinking “congratulations” while others are laughing and seriously questioning another’s sanity.  As you can see, not everyone…

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Rehearsal Dinner Party Favors


I wanted to share the party favors we made for my close friends son’s rehearsal dinner. I was so happy with the final result! I am also using this party favor for the Papertrey Ink anniversary challenge!

Products used: PTI Tag Sale #9, PTI United States Texas die



Products used: PTI Tag sale #9, PTI United States Texas




Our new Pop & Place Holiday Gift Tags come in a booklet of 70+ tags in five designs–created from our existing punch and die shapes. These tags (which coordinate with the Season of Style products in the 2013 holiday catalog) are perfect for those of you who may not know what punch or die shapes you are interested in buying.
There are a few different options to choose from depending on your needs:

Item Description Price
134975 Pop & Place Holiday Gift Tags Book $9.95
134623 Christmas Tagables Photopolymer Stamp Set $13.95
135921 Pop & Place Holiday Gift Tags Bundle includes

  • Pop & Place Holiday Gift Tags Book
  • Christmas Tagables Photopolymer Stamp Set
135290 Pop & Place Holiday Gift Tags Starter Bundle includes

  • Pop & Place Holiday Gift Tags Book
  • Christmas Tagables Photopolymer Stamp Set
  • Soft Suede Classic Stampin’ Spot
  • Clear Block C

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 6.40.33 AM

Back to the Grind


One of the ladies in my class designed some great gift card ideas that I want to share with everyone!! Hope you enjoy them.