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5 Interview Tips I Learned the Hard Way


The Freckly Fawn

I had three job experiences prior to graduating college.  Although each interview was different, they all had one thing in common: stressing me out.  I remember asking my mom and dad for advice.  Since many old traditional views have shifted in the workplace today, I can confidently say that in none of these positions did I experience the interview my parents prepared me for.  Studying up on how to answer rigid questions did absolutely no good.  Every interview turned out to be more like small talk.  Considering the positions I had applied for in college (hostess, receptionist and cashier), these laid back interviews didn’t come as a shock.  What comes as a shock to me is how closely these interviews compare to the ones I have for full-time jobs after college.  A case worker, marketing coordinator, English teacher, program director (yes, I have taken my own advice on trying different things)…

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