My (not so big) Big Realization


The Freckly Fawn

Sometimes I get caught up in the small things in life.  I’m in this bubble filled with all the things on my to-do list floating around: vacuum the floors, figure out dinner, pay the rent, figure out why the washer isn’t draining, get my tires aligned, get some exercise, finish work; the list goes on.  There are days when I am able to escape my little bubble and remember that I need to relax and slow down.  I fear that these days will end up being unproductive but they always turn out to be the opposite.  Instead of thinking about ten different things at once, I am able to focus on one thing I am driven to get done that day (which ends with me crushing it!).

But there are some days when it takes something really incredible to file away all the little things that clutter my mind.  Today…

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