Never Stop Changing


Very well said!

The Freckly Fawn

We have all read it in our yearbooks, the infamous farewell: “never change!” usually followed by praises and compliments.   But why shouldn’t we change?  Of course were going to change.  We’ve got a potential 60 years ahead of us.  We might as well respond with “Challenge Accepted!!” Change reminds me of college.  College is interesting, but post-college is when things really get interesting.  {Insert name here} is getting married next month at 22 years old, {Insert name here} is pregnant (no you aren’t dreaming), and then there’s {insert name here} who can’t move on from the week day binge drinking, bar fights and one night stands.  Isn’t it scary how easy those inserts were?  Everyone’s going in different directions now.  Someone’s next big goal is someone else’s biggest fear.  Some of us are thinking “congratulations” while others are laughing and seriously questioning another’s sanity.  As you can see, not everyone…

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