Engagement Card


Hi there! Hope you are all having a great holiday season and a very Merry Christmas to those who celebrated! I am excited to share that my oldest son Matt proposed to Christina on Christmas Eve!! I decided to make her a card with her wedding colors. Most of the materials I used came from Papertrey Ink.




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  1. Very elegant!!! I love it! Does this mean you are switching to papertrey ink? Keep me posted because I’ve about had it with SU! They need to up their game! Btw, I have your candles….I have just subtracted what you owe from what I owe you for SU. I also have your checks for yard service (in my purse for several weeks 😦 …..I put it in my purse to go get a stamp andn then I forgot….just found it 2 days ago in the bottom of my purse when I went to clean it out! So sorry. I will bring it all by this week. I am working tonight, monday night, wed & thurs night. So I can bring by tues or fri afternoon….whichever works best for you. just let me know. Trying to get all my stuff organized by the 13th…school starts again! Ugh! but only 10months to go till finish!!! If it doesn’t kill me first! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We did…just crazy busy. Have a wonderful time New Years! Make sure you have one for me…I will be working! :(( I guess someone has to. Geri


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